About Me


My name is Stacie Stiletto. I am a 29 year old California native living in the Atlanta area. I have two amazingly awesome tiny humans and I am married to my very own super hero.

I am a curvy diva who loves all things pink, glitter and glam. You can catch me at the local grocery store early in the morning with a full face of makeup (lashes included), big diva hair and stilettos on or you will find me at home in my pj’s with the kids all dolled up. Either way I am fashion shoot ready! (Smile for the camera baby!)

As far as employment goes I am a “Jane Of All Trades”. I am a lifestyle blogger with a focus on sex, lies and relationships, podcaster, event host, aspiring graphic designer and a virtual assistant.. Oh My!

(any Wizard of Oz fans out there?)

Starting at the beginning of the year I plan to add YouTuber/Vlogger to that list. I would like to do product reviews twice a week, a weekly vlog and possibly something hair and makeup related.

My hobbies include…

(I know you’re thinking “WHEN DOES SHE HAVE TIME FOR A HOBBY?” lol)

I enjoy lounging on the couch eating pizza in my jammies while binge watching entire series on Netflix and going pin crazy on Pinterest! (I know I’m not the only one???)

I also enjoy all things crafty. Since discovering Pinterest three years ago I am now on a first name basis with the entire staff at Hobby Lobby. If you are a crafter I would love to swap project ideas with you from time to time.

I was recently asked what made me qualified to write about sex, lies and relationships. I have pretty much written the blueprint for what NOT to do. So from my experience, both positive and negative, allow me to provide you with insightful information to help you avoid some unnecessary life lessons.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, kick your feet up and enjoy!

::Flips hair && bats lashes::

Stacie Stiletto