Petty By Nature MIXTAPE MONDAY: Music To Cheat To


Petty By Nature Presents: MIXTAPE MONDAYS     Each Monday the hosts of the Petty By Nature Podcast, Keyona Spade & Stacie Stiletto, will release a mixtape (playlist) of their top 5 songs in reference to different life situations.       KEYONAS TOP 5 Rihanna: UNFAITHFUL Nelly & Kelly: DILEMMA TLC: CREEP SWV: YOU’RERead more

Already Famous | Vlogging After Hours | With Stacie

Vlogging After Hours With Stacie Stiletto Jai: Late Nights and early mornings have become routine for us. We usually find ourselves up at 4-5am working on various projects while singing loud and off key. For some reason this particular night Stacie thought she was in a music video and was seriously “feeling herself” (lol). Stacie:Read more

10 Things No One Tells You Before You Move In With Your Mate

The first time I shared a space with someone I was romantically involved with I was not mature enough to handle it. We fought constantly about little things. When you are with the right person the little things don’t matter.    1. They are ALWAYS there. Some couples decide to move in together for financialRead more

7 Must Have Apps

I am a phone junkie! You can always find me late at night searching YouTube for unboxing reviews (for phones). I will watch every phone review ever post and by the time I get my new phone I already know all the secrets. Gone are the days when I have to ask someone how toRead more

Pick Up The Pieces

Even though it’s easy to jump into a new relationship, getting over someone you thought you would spend eternity with is an emotional process because you spend hours crying on your best friends shoulder, you listen to sad songs on Pandora, and you eat your weight in junk food.   First, getting over someone youRead more

Fake It Til You Make It

Hey Honey! Can I talk to you for a second? I just want to take a moment to let you know how proud of you I am. You’ve decided to turn your dream into a reality and that is HUGE!! I know how hard it is to jump out there and do something that others are telling youRead more

Tis The Season

I love this time of the year. Everyone is all happy and filled with cheer. All I see is smiling faces when I am out and about. The smell of warm apple cider, hazelnut coffee, and freshly baked goodies in the air just puts you in a great mood. As we all are getting readyRead more