9 Things I’ve Learned My First Year Blogging


On this day one year ago (June 6, 2014) I was created. No longer a figment of Elle’s imagination… I became a legend in my own right. Late nights and early mornings became the norm as I began to bring my vision to life. I’ve experienced a lot of trial and error over the past 365 days. This has truly been a learning experience for me.


  1. Blogging is a LOT of work.


I was unaware when I made the decision to blog how much work I would actually have to do. I assumed all I had to do was type a few words and that was that.


Then I found out about all the behind the scenes stuff I had to do. I was overwhelmed. I was shocked. I asked myself “WHO THE HELL HAS THIS KIND OF TIME?!”


I had to take a moment to decide if this was something that I really wanted to do.  Was I ready to make the commitment needed to do this properly? Did I have the determination and dedication to see this thru?


  1. I don’t like editorial calendars.


Everything that I read told me that I should put together an editorial calendar. On Tuesday write about this, on Wednesday write about that, on Thursday write about the other.


It felt forced. All of the post that I wrote on my “scheduled days” didn’t “feel” right.  My “scheduled” posts just felt cold. I want my readers to feel as if I am talking to them directly. I want people to feel my feelings and emotions as they read.





  1. I love PicMonkey.


When I began blogging I could not afford to have someone design my website, logo, or graphics. I had to do everything myself.


PicMonkey has amazing fonts and overlays and I love that they allow me to use my own as well.


I use PicMonkey for everything.


  1. I work better late at night.


I enjoy working late at night while the rest of the world is sleeping. I listen to Pandora and sing loud & off key as I sip a glass of wine and work. I am able to give whatever it is that I am working on my full attention. I can work with no interruptions.


  1. I am only productive sitting at my desk.


I get so much more work done sitting at my desk than I do lying across my bed. I’ve noticed that when I am in bed attempting to work I often find myself roaming social media or Pinterest. Next thing I know its 6 hours later and I haven’t accomplished anything.


  1. Coding is a bitch!


I cant count the number of nights I’ve allowed the sun to catch me because I just could not get the coding right for the site. I remember thinking to myself one night that instead of taking French in high school I should have taken Coding as a language class. They need to make a CODING FOR DUMMIES book then another series of CODING FOR THE DUMMIES WHO COULDN’T UNDERSTAND CODING FOR DUMMIES book. I’ve searched for all types of tutorial and YouTube videos to assist me and honestly… I still don’t get it.


  1. You can’t please everybody.


I remember when I wrote




A few people were up in arms because how dare I tell them to inspire their daughters to want to be more than just a house wife. Not that there is anything wrong with being a house wife.


Some people loved the post, some people did not. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts, feelings and opinions.  The best I can do is agree to disagree


  1. Stacie is expensive.


I have all these great wonderful ideas of things I want to do for Stacie Stiletto and equipment I want to buy. All of these things take money.  I don’t want this project to be half assed or thrown together.  If I am going to  do it then I want to do right.



  1. I don’t want to blog about hair and makeup.


Soon as I tell people that I’ve decided to blog they automatically assume that I am a beauty blogger. There is nothing wrong with being a beauty blogger it just isn’t for me. I talk about hair and makeup on my personal social media pages but only for my enjoyment.  I love hair and makeup but not enough to blog about it daily.



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