Don’t Have Your Cousin Watch Your Man

“Don’t have your cousin watch your man!”


Now ya’ll know I am a huge fan of Urban Romance and Hood Fiction novels. All of my favorite books  have a nice mix of sex, lies, relationships, drugs, and murder in them. What ya’ll probably did not know is that I am an even BIGGER fan of HOOD EROTICA!!

Those of you who know me in real life know that “I ain’t shit” but I am in the process of getting my shit together (easier said than done tho). Since I can no longer be “About That Life” I have to live vicariously through the characters in the books that I read. I recently had the pleasure of reading Don’t Have Your Cousin Watch Your Man by Naeem Nu  and honey this book gave me all types of life!!

What this story lacks in drugs and murder it makes up for it with relationship drama, lies, and sex scenes so descriptively steamy that I almost had to pull my BLACK BOX out of the closet (wink).



Don't Have Your Cousin Watch Your Man
Don’t Have Your Cousin Watch Your Man


Book Summary


Tyriq expected a nice evening in when his girlfriend, Cherise called him over. And a nice evening he did have, but not with the person he wanted. Cherise’s cousin comes to hang with him. She is described as a ‘tough bitch’. He discovers otherwise. What happens when the night takes a freaky turn and starts a chain of wild events?

Cherise’s boyfriend was just ‘what’s-his-name’ when Kamia came to watch Lil Jamarion. This was just a favor for a girlfriend. But why did he have to be so damn fine? So damn funny? And why did he have to be so damn charming? Could Kamia be catching feelings? She couldn’t be because it was just a one-night-stand, right?

Cherise never heard this saying, “Don’t EVER have your cousin watch your man because something bad might happen to you. Or maybe something good might happen for your cousin.”

Naeem Nu does a wonderful job telling the story from both Kamia and Tyriq’s perspective. The characters are well developed and the story is nicely written with a plot twist that will have you speed dialing your bestie to give her the sinfully delicious “TEA”.

This book made me think back to a time when I was doing shit I had no business doing with a guy I had no business being with. I found my self in a similar situation as Kamia, I let my inner HEAUX out the cage and wasn’t sure if I could be with a guy that I was only f*cking casually.

When you're trying to be a hoe but you end up catching feelings
When you’re trying to be a hoe but you end up catching feelings

Don’t give me that look!!! We’ve all been there… after a few nights of naughty sex we find ourselves questioning whether or not we are in love with them or just love f*cking them.

Although I could never f*ck with my cousins man no matter how trifling her ass is… I really did enjoy the chemistry between Tyriq & Kamia and can’t wait to read what Naeem Nu has in store for this dynamic duo in the future!

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Author Bio:

Naeem Nu is a freelance short story writer and poet currently living in Philadelphia PA.
He is ABA (Applied Behavior Analyst), working with mainly autistic children with a bachelor degree in Psychology and a minor in children psychology. Along with being an ABA, he is also a library assistant with the Free Library of Philadelphia.
He has been writing since 2010 in multiple venues, websites, and as of now is a
contributing writer at Bare Back Magazine. Always having a passion for writing as well as art since elementary school, he’s had a great love of comic books, video games, and paintings.


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