10 Things No One Tells You Before You Move In With Your Mate

The first time I shared a space with someone I was romantically involved with I was not mature enough to handle it. We fought constantly about little things. When you are with the right person the little things don’t matter.    1. They are ALWAYS there. Some couples decide to move in together for financialRead more

Pick Up The Pieces

Even though it’s easy to jump into a new relationship, getting over someone you thought you would spend eternity with is an emotional process because you spend hours crying on your best friends shoulder, you listen to sad songs on Pandora, and you eat your weight in junk food.   First, getting over someone youRead more

I’m more than just a rental

  Ever since the dawn of home movies guys have traded going to the movie theatre to grope their date in public to groping them in the privacy of their own home. I am pretty sure our dads called our mothers on the phone back in the day to invite them over to watch aRead more