I’m Not about That Life




I have been reading urban romance novels and
street fiction since I was about 12-14 years old. Some of the first books that
got me hooked on this genre were:



I would lock myself in the bathroom, take a long
hot bath and read the entire book from cover to cover. When the water would get
cold I would drain the tub then fill it with more hot water. I was addicted at
an early age. I would read 4 to 5 books a week. I always had a book with me. I
became a book junkie. As soon as I finished one book I was on the hunt for the
next. Calling all my friends asking if they had a book I could borrow, begging
my daddy to take me to Books-A-Million to buy me another book or to take me to
the library for a few hours so that I could sit and read. He would complain
then ask me what I did with the books he just bought me and my reply was always
the same… “I READ THEM, DUH!”
(I’m not crazy, I thought “duh” I didn’t dare say
it lol)
Reading those types of books at such an early
age, I use to think that I wanted that type of relationship. Even as I got
older and started having different life experiences, in the back of my mind I
had this idea of how I wanted to live my life and the type of relationships
and/or friendships that I wanted to be a part of.
The books that I read are full of sex, drugs,
betrayal, and a bond/connection between a Chocolate Adonis and an Ebony
Goddess. I wanted that life. I wanted that epic adventure, the roller coaster
ride of emotions, the “I can’t tell your limbs from mine-mind blowing-soul
entwining-love making”. I wanted the “even though we may break up-our paths in
life will lead us back home because we are built for each other-relationship”.
Some of the experiences that I’ve had have been
dangerously close to that lifestyle. I’m amazed that I made it through my early
twenties. I was hell on wheels. I am positive that if I wrote a book about that
period of my life it would be a New York Times best seller and featured in
Oprah’s Book Club.
Now that I am a bit older wiser, I
realize that I am not about that life! The bad outweighs the good in those
relationships. Yes, I want that bond/connection, but not if I have to go
through all the pain and heartache that comes with it.
Could you imagine your house getting broken
into, police kicking down your door, kids being kidnapped, you almost die in a
fire trying to recuse them, the love of your life goes to prison and they tell
you he died in there, you plan his funeral and move on with your life, only for
your honey to return “from the dead” years later claiming that he’s been hiding
out on an island and now he wants you and the kids to up root your lives and
move with him… which you do because that is the love of your life. When you get
to this island all is well for a few months. Then this crazy island chick, who
your honey has been kicking it with while he was “dead” pops up and starts
stalking your family because she is pissed that she has been playing wifey to your
man and he wouldn’t wife her. In the mist of her stalking and making your life
a living hell, a drug war breaks out between your man’s crew and the local drug
cartel. All this is happening while you are trying to repair your relationship.
The drama is nonstop. Before you are able to get
both feet planted firmly on the ground someone comes and snatches the rug from
under you again.
I don’t think I could handle that. I am not
about THAT life. I would be okay for a hot second, but eventually I would have
to make some serious life decisions. Now that I think about it… that is exactly
what I did.
My late teens and early twenties were drama
filled. I had a life changing experience that made me take a step back and look
at the direction my life was headed. I didn’t like what I saw. I couldn’t
continue on the same path and live to tell about it.
I love, love, love my Urban Romance and Street
Fiction novels to pieces, but I would much rather read about the drama from the
comfort of my bathtub than live the drama.
Have you read a book that made you want THAT type of relationship?
What are some of your favorite Urban Romance and Street Fiction books?
What good book(s) have you read recently?
I would love to hear from you!


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