You Turned Your Daughter Into A Mommy


It’s the Christmas season and everywhere you go all you see is toys,
toys, toys.
I was talking to a friend of mine and I asked her what she was getting
her son (age 2) for Christmas because I did
not want to get him the same thing.
I noticed how every time “Ashley” goes to the kitchen to cook, her son
tags along and wants to help. “Ashley” is constantly telling him to get out of
the kitchen.
I asked “Ashley” if it would be alright to get her son a play kitchen
for Christmas. I told her that I would also get the food and the dishes that go
with it. That way when “Ashley” goes in the kitchen to cook, her son can go in
his own kitchen.
“Mike” (Ashley’s husband) heard our
conversation and before “Ashley” had a chance to respond he said NO.
I was then told that kitchens are for girls.
That made me start thinking about girl toys, boy toys, and the toys my
sister and I had as children.
From an early age little girls want to be mommies. Parents unknowingly
train their daughters to be housewives and mothers.
Little girls get baby dolls that cry, that wet themselves and need to
be changed, the dolls come with a stroller, bassinets, high chairs, diapers,
and a birth certificate. Your daughter is now an official mommy at the age of
Then parents give their daughters the proper equipment needed to take
care of a home:
Babies and baby items
Food and grocery carts


Pots and pans
As these girls grow and become young women parents “upgrade” their
toys. Now they have to cook in the real kitchen for their family. Their dolls
are replaced with their younger siblings and they are now required to do real
laundry & keep the house clean.
It’s no wonder that a lot of young girls want to get married and have a
family at an early age. They have been training for that their entire lives.
I don’t think that kitchens and other “house hold” toys should be
gender specific.
If boys received the same lifelong “domestic” training that the girls
receive then maybe the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high.
How about we give our daughters career related toys so that they can
aspire to be more than a house wife?
A lot of parents have stopped giving their young girls Barbies because
they say that Barbie will lower the girls’ self-esteem. Let’s not talk about
Barbie’s looks. Let’s focus on her careers. Barbie has had over 100 different






I just want to give our children a fair shot at life. Boys shouldn’t be
the only ones receiving lifelong career training and girls shouldn’t be the
only ones receiving lifelong domestic training.
-Stacie Stiletto

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