10 Things No One Tells You Before You Move In With Your Mate

The first time I shared a space with someone I was romantically
involved with I was not mature enough to handle it. We fought constantly about
little things. When you are with the right person the little things don’t
are ALWAYS there.
Some couples decide to move in together for financial
reasons. Some couples decide to move in together because they are ready to take
their relationship to the “next level”. Whatever the reason may be… when you
live with your mate THEY ASS IS ALWAYS THERE!
Gone are the days of having an argument and you get to
go home to your own place and chill out until you calm down. Nah… there is nowhere
to run and there is no place to hide. Now ya’ll are both walking around the
house acting crazy and not speaking to one another. In the kitchen stirring the
mac and cheese with a vengeance, slamming doors, going to bed and being petty
by hogging all of the blankets.
When you had your own place and ya’ll would argue… you
would go home and not have to worry about all that foolishness.
have to go to bed when your mate goes to bed.
Most of us moved out of our parents place because we didn’t
want to go to bed at a certain time. When you have your own place you are free
to go to bed when you please, If you chose to go to bed at all.
When you live with your mate and they are ready to
call it a night and head to bed… 9 times out of 10 the expect you to be right
behind them.
Who made that a rule?
Why do I have to go to bed because YOU
are sleepy?
Oh, so because YOU have to get up early tomorrow I can’t
watch Wig Reviews on YouTube til 4 in the morning?
We’ve all been there… you decide to buck the system
because “YOU’RE GROWN” and you stay up all hours of the night… only to have
your mate wake up at 3:57am to get a drink of water and as they walk past you
have a curfew.
 I left my mama
house because of curfew… you mean to tell me that I am grown and I still have
to abide by a curfew?
I think that this is the most difficult thing for people
to deal with, having to be home at a “decent” hour. Who gets to decide what is “decent”?
Your decent may be 10pm.
That would never work for me.  I don’t start getting ready to go out until
10pm.  Then after the event, party, club,
or whatever the case maybe I like to go to waffle house/ihop with my girls to
grab a bite and recap the night… so that’s an additional 2hrs to however long I’ve been out already.
more Pre-Gaming it with the girls.
Before I decided to do the whole “relationship” thing…
Whenever I would go out with my girls… Getting ready would be an event in
itself. We would all usually meet up at my house to do hair, makeup, and get
dressed. The radio would be blasting, we would be taking shots of Tequila and
singing loud and off key as we got ready for the night.  My room would look like a tornado hit it.
Clothes would be everywhere. The entire house would smell like spritz, toast,
and Japanese Cherry Blossoms.
can no longer come and go as you please.
Every time you walk out the door your mate is always
asking where you are going.  Oh and don’t
say that you are going to the store… then they want to know what you are going
to the store for.
can’t spend your money the way you want to spend your money.
I remember when “Caleb” and I were living together he
would always say something about the wigs I would buy. I would buy 5 or 6 wigs
a week. If Caleb got home before I did I would stash the wigs in the trunk of
my car until he left for work the next morning.
A friend of mine does the same thing with her shoes.
will always be a war over the remote control.
They want to watch their shows. You want to watch your
shows. Both shows are on at the same time. What do you do? You could flip from
one channel to the other during the commercial breaks… but I actually like
watching commercials. You could let your mate watch their show this week and
you catch your next week but why do you have to miss out? Let’s not forget
movies… you want to watch Love and Basketball and he wants to watch Belly. When
you decide to get up and go watch your shows/movies in the other room… then
they want to get an attitude.  You just can’t
have to deal with their friends.
When you had your own place the only time you would
have to deal with their friends is when you would all get together and hang out
as a group. That would be maybe once or twice a month. Now that you and your
mate share the same address you have to see their friends every other day. It’s
cool if you guys get along but if you don’t… that would be pure torture.
have to buy two of the same thing.
My mate likes mayo but I like miracle whip. I like Colgate
but my mate likes Crest. It’s the little things like this that may not bother you
at first but over time you may begin to “feel some type of way” about it.  Next thing you know you and your honey get
into an argument and you’re both yelling and screaming and you say “SCREW YOU
AND YOUR CHEAP ASS MAYO!!!” It’s funny now but you won’t think it’s so funny
when you are going through it.
 You have to share a room.
I don’t know who came up with this stupid idea. You go
from having your own place, your own bed… to sharing a room. I shared a room
with my sister when we were younger but I had my own bed! I was free to
decorate my side of the room how I pleased. Then when I was finally able to
have my own room… omg!!! B2K posters covered every inch of my walls.
When “Jones” and I moved in together we would always
argue about decorating the bedroom. Jones is into sports and he wanted the room
covered with the Falcons. I wanted the room pink and black.
Eventually we compromised and the room ended up being
BLACK (rolls eyes).
Before you decide to move in with your mate you have
to be sure if you can deal with all of their uniqueness. You have to stop
thinking about “me” and start thinking about “we”.
are some of the things no one told you?
did you handle your differences?
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