7 Must Have Apps

I am a phone junkie! You can always find me late at night searching YouTube
for unboxing reviews (for phones). I will watch every phone review ever post
and by the time I get my new phone I already know all the secrets. Gone are the
days when I have to ask someone how to do this, that, and the other… I am now
the GO TO person in my circle when it comes to the latest phones.
I change phones often and soon as I get my new phone there are 7 apps
that automatically get downloaded.


PICSART: This is my
favorite photo editing app. The photos that I post of myself on Facebook and
Instagram are often edited with Picsart. They have a bunch of amazing filters,
clip art, fonts and , masks.
AMAZON KINDLE: I am a huge book
worm!! I read like it is going out of style. I would always have a book or two
in my purse to read while I was waiting at the doctor, standing in line at the
grocery store or sitting in traffic. The Amazon Kindle app allows me to have
books on the go without having to physically carry them.
P. TRACKER LITE: I am horrible at
counting the days until my next cycle. I can never remember if it is 28 days
from the first day of my cycle or do I start counting 28 days from the last day
of my cycle. P. Tracker Lite takes the guess work out of it.
All I have to do is TAP the screen when my cycle starts… and tap the
screen when it ends. Now when I go to the doctor and they ask me when my last
period was I can give them an ACCURATE date.
After you enter the information about your cycle for February, it will
show in March, April, May etc. when you are supposed to ovulate and the day you
are supposed to start your next cycle.
This is awesome for me because now when I am planning romantic getaways
with [insert lovers name here] I can plan around my cycle.
One thing that I love most about this app is the details it allows you
to add. A few of those details are levels of pain from cramps, moods, cravings,
and you can also add if you have been intimate today or not.
DocuSign: This app has been
a life saver! I hate having to wait 7 to 10 business days for someone to mail
forms to me. Now all they have to do is email me the forms and I can fill them
out and sign them with DocuSign then email it back.
DROPBOX: I use to hate when
I would go out and someone would call and tell me they didn’t receive a file I
sent… or they needed a file that was on my laptop and I only have my ipad with
With Dropbox I no longer have that problem.
Dropbox syncs with all my
devices. When I am out and about with just my phone and my professor emails me
saying that they need me to resend the last assignment… I can pull it up on my
phone using Dropbox and send it right then and there. Gone are the days of me
having to “leave the party” to rush home and send a file.
HOOTSUITE: I needed a way to
manage all of my social media profiles. I hated having to log out of one then
log into the next, then the next. HOOTSUITE allows me to post to each of my
social media profiles at the same time. The thing that I love most about
Hootsuite is the scheduling feature! Now I can take 2hours on Sunday and
schedule my posts for the entire week. Now I can be on social media without
being on social media. How cool is that?!
KIK: There was a time
when I would give my number out to any and every one. I was like Oprah
I would often change my number whenever I felt as if my phone was
ringing too much (then stop giving ya number out… duh!)
Now that I am older and have my life/business connected to my number I
am more selective of who I give my number to.
Kik is a free messaging app that does not require your phone number.  All you have to do is give people your user
name and they can contact you. It works over your cell network and also via
Kik also has a bunch of cool extra features that are super FREE! Kik
has games that are interactive. You and your friend GoalGetter1234 can play
each other in 4pics 1word… or words with friends… and Kik also has a feature
similar to snap chat where you can set a timer for a pic and after 3seconds (or
however long you decide) they can no longer access the pic.


Those are my 7 must have apps that I use on a daily basis. I am always
searching for new apps to make my life run a bit smoother.
What apps do you use
to make your life run smoother?
What are your must have apps?
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Stacie Stiletto

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