Ya Man Is Watching

Getting dressed begins long before I wake up and put clothes on. It begins when I

  • Go from one beauty supply store to the next to find the perfect wig.
  • Spend hours at the mall trying on different dresses to find the dress that looks like it was hand crafted to fit my curves.
  • Search every shoe store on this side of the Mississippi to find the perfect pair of stilettos… you know the one that makes my calves look good while giving my ass a perfect lift.
  • Go to get a Mani, Pedi, and get my Eyebrows arched.
  • Watch video after video on YouTube to learn how to PROPERLY beat my face.
  • Go to Victoria Secrets and Bath and Body Works to get my body washes, lotions, butters and sprays.

black girls slay

I hate when I am out and about having a good time and a woman gives me the evil eye because I decided to put on clothes today.

I was meeting a few friends for lunch and as I was walking through Olive Garden I noticed a few ladies sitting with their boyfriends/husbands give me the evil eye. One lady looked as if she had just rolled out of bed. The other looked like she just threw something on and kept going.

Don’t get me wrong… there are plenty of days when I am just not feeling “life” and you can catch me at Wal-Mart in a pair of pajama pants, a hoodie and a head wrap but you won’t catch me out with a man (my man, your man, her man, their man, any man) looking a mess.

Guys are visual creatures. They like “shiny” objects. They tell us that they love us just the way we are… that we don’t have to get all dolled up… but they like looking at it just as much as we like doing it.

Look at the women your man follows on Instagram… I will bet $Large.Pizza that the females he is following are the “diva” type.


your bf likes my ig


A lot of women aren’t about that “diva” life and that’s fine. I’m not saying that you should go full glam every time you step out with your man but at the bare minimum you should make yourself presentable.

If you decide to leave the house with your man looking any kind of way then that is your business. Just don’t get an attitude with the next chick who got dressed this morning and is beat, snatched and slaying to the high heavens because you made a f*cked up life decision.


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