I’m more than just a rental


Ever since the dawn
of home movies guys have traded going to the movie theatre to grope their date
in public to groping them in the privacy of their own home. I am pretty sure
our dads called our mothers on the phone back in the day to invite them over to
watch a Blockbuster VHS and order Chinese food. With the growing popularity of
Redbox and Netflix the chances of women actually going to the movie theater with the new “boo” are slim to none.
(Side note: with the high price of movie tickets
and snacks though, I kind of understand)
Ladies, we have all had a guy at one time or
another say to us:
But this is not our first time at the rodeo, we’ve been fooled before. What we hear is:
Listen, listen, listen… we know it’s a set up.
When we hear your suggestion we have an automatic reflex to roll our eyes and
say “BOY BYE”.
I am more than just a rental. I need to know
that I mean more to you than just a few hours of entertainment.
What you should have done is actually plan a
movie night and invite her over but you have to be smooth with it. Plan a
Pajama Movie Night.
Before you plan to host a movie night you need
to find out what her favorite movies are if you don’t know already.




Put together a menu. It doesn’t have to be
anything fancy. You could actually order takeout if it is in your budget or you
could cook something. Ask your date if she would be interested in COOKING the
meal WITH YOU. You could even do TV Dinners, just remember to take them out of
the containers and put them on real/paper plates. You could also bake cookies
together, from scratch or the pre-made kind, totally up to you.
Don’t forget the candy and the popcorn! Ask your
date what is her favorite movie theater candy or her favorite candy period. You
can find both the candy and the popcorn at the dollar store.
(sidenote: seen these when I went to Wal-Mart the other day)


While you are at the dollar store you can also
pick up a few candles and/or tea lights if you don’t have any already. Don’t
forget the matches!
You could have your date arrive in their
jammies, bring their jammies with them, or you could get the two of you
matching jammies (the kind with the feet attached would be super cute). Please
be sure to actually wear pajamas, basketball shorts DON’T count!!!!
You always watch TV/movies on the couch or in
your bed. For this event let’s get a little creative. Get all the blankets and
pillows you have and make a palette on the floor.  Snuggle up together and enjoy the movie(s).


After the movie(s) is over light the candles/tea
lights around the room turn on Pandora or play a jazz cd softly in the
background and TALK TO YOUR DATE. Talk about the movie(s). Talk about
life.  Ask them about their hopes,
dreams, and plans for the future. Be sure to share yours as well. Talk about
everything or talk about nothing. Go wherever the conversation may take you.
Enjoy each other’s company.


Ladies don’t expect you to take them out and
spend a million dollars on each date. We understand that sometimes you have to
ball on a budget. We care about the effort you put into the date more so than
the date itself. Women remember the memories we created together, not that one
time you took us to see [insert random movie title here]. If your “girl”
complains about thoughtful at home date nights then most likely she is not the
girl for you.
Remember keep it simple yet thoughtful and you will win every
-Stacie Stiletto

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