A Girls Guide To DIY

The weekend before last a friend of mine invited me to a GIRLS NIGHT IN party that she was throwing. No one
really felt like going “out” that weekend but we still wanted to get together and have a good time, so this was perfect. By the end of the night I some how found myself giving the ladies a guide on how to DIY (masturbate).
The plan was for us to meet for facials and Mani’s/Pedi’s, grab a bite to eat, stop at Wal-Mart to get matching jammies, then head over to Alicia’s house for drinks.
We got caught up on everyone’s work/school life while we were getting the Mani’s/Pedi’s and we got caught up on everyone’s family life over dinner. When we got back to Alicia’s house and the drinks started flowing that’s when
we had TEA.
Alicia invited people from her job, school, her book club, and a few people from her home town. It was about 20 of us total. Some of us knew each other well, and others not so much.
Before the drinks were made the conversation was either dry and bland or those that knew each other were sitting amongst themselves chatting it up while the strangers were Facebooking.
Those of you who know me know I couldn’t have that!  We were supposed to be interacting with one another and having a good time. So Alicia and I made frozen drinks for the ladies who weren’t really drinkers and we gave shot gasses to the other ladies.
I suggested that we play a drinking game to start things off. The game that I suggested was
  1.    You get together in a circle
  2.  One person says “NEVER HAVE I EVER…” and that person says something that they have never done before…
  3.  If other people in the group have done it… they take a shot.
  4.  Then the next person repeats the process
I went first…
“NEVER HAVE I EVER…. Slept with two men at the same time”
Honeyyyyyyy you should have seen their faces!!!! Their mouths dropped and couldn’t believe that I went there.
Everyone’s eyes scanned the room to see who would take the first shot… to our surprise Alicia was the first, then Amber, Tasha, and Kasey. We spent the next hour talking about the details of their steamy past.
We went around the room and some of the NEVER HAVE I EVERS was sexual in nature and others weren’t.
had sex with someone outside my race.
been camping.
had sex in the woods.
dined and dashed.
I looked at Denise in disbelief. Did she really just say what I think she said?? One after another ladies around the room started to drink. I could not believe what I was seeing.
Some said they have never masturbated because they were told it was WRONG when they were younger, others didn’t really have a reason as to why they’ve never tried it… they said that it was awkward.
I went online to my social media pages and I asked Facebook/Twitter if I could get a show of hands of how many ladies who have NEVER masturbated. I was shocked as hell at the number of Ladies who said they have yet to explore their own bodies.

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies… how do you expect HIM to know what to do to your body if YOU don’t know what to do to your body?? There is nothing wrong with DIY!!

Women’s bodies are like cars, each one unique and different in their own way. Some cars get great gas mileage. Some cars come with wifi. Some cars you have to pump the breaks 5 times before you will come to a complete stop. Some cars you have to hold the window a certain way when rolling it up and down. Some cars you have to sweet talk like Baby Face and beg like Keith Sweat in order for them to crank.
The one thing all these cars have in common is the OWNERS MANUAL! The owner’s manual tells you all the specific details about your make and model. Exploring your body and DIY will help you learn what you like, what you don’t like, and what it takes to get you to where you need to be.
Here are a few tips, tricks, and suggestions to help you on your journey of self-discovery.
    1. Clean your bathroom and bedroom and put fresh sheets on the bed.
I don’t know about you, but the best feeling in the world is clean sheets rubbing against freshly shaved legs! It
feels like Heaven on Earth.
    2.  If you can, go get a massage and a mani/pedi. Or give yourself the mani/pedi.
dont you want to "feel" sexy when you DIY
I don’t know want Sue Kim does, but I always feel like a million bucks after she does my mani/pedi. I feel super
feminine when my hands and feet are done. I make myself FEEL sexy so that I can FEEL sexy (.wink.)You get pretty when you get ready to let your mate explore your body, do the same when you get ready to DIY. Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself!
    3. Get a bottle of your drink of choice. (Wine or my personal fav Rum)
malibu helps get me "right" when I want to DIY
Some may need a bit of liquid courage to help move things along.
    4. Light some candles in the bathroom, and take a nice long hot bath. (play a bit of jazz/r&b)
set the mood when you DIY
Kick back in the tub and relax. Clear your mind. Enjoy the music.
    5. Rub your body down with your fav Bath and Body Works or Victoria Secrets body butter.
feel soft and supple when you DIY
Amber Romance is my personal fav
    6. Put on your sexy panties and bra (or not)
2 wear or not 2 wear when you DIY
    7. Light the candles in your room or grab the black/red light out of your BLACK BOX.
You have to set the mood.
    8. Decide If you are going to watch porn, read a bit of erotica, or use your imagination to kick things into gear.
who do you think about when you DIY
    9. Decide if you are going to use your hands or use toys.
Whatever you feel most comfortable using.

Ladies please take time to explore your body. We all hate when our mates don’t take time to explore every inch of our bodies when we are being intimate with them. You can’t show him/her what you like if you haven’t
discovered it yourself.

Do you enjoy your nipples being played with? Do you like them pinched, squeezed, twisted, or pulled? How much is too much? Do you favor the left one over the right or would you rather no contact at all?
Can you orgasm from clitoral stimulation alone or does your body require penetration? Or both?
When it comes to clitoral stimulation do you prefer direct contact? Do you enjoy a light touch moving in circles, a medium touch moving up and down, or a rough touch moving side to side?
As you grow closer to orgasm do you require your nipples to be stimulated at the same time in order to push you over the top?
How many times do you like to be on the edge of your seat before you finally have an orgasm?
Do you know where your G-spot is?
All of these questions can be answered via self-discovery.
Ladies why do guys get to have all the fun? Guys know exactly what it takes to get them where they need to be. A guy can tell you exactly how long it takes for him to “finish”
“IF IM TRYING TO ENJOY MYSELF… 27min and 43sec”.
Women are blessed with beautiful bodies and hand sculpted curves. It’s time we learned how to personally navigate those curves. You know what they say… practice makes perfect!
navigate your curves and DIY





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