Video: Letter To My Younger Self

Looking back at some of the foolish mistakes that we made in our younger years I am sure that we have all said “IF I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW…”  This is a video letter to my younger self giving me the advice, inspiration, and motivation that I didn’t receive when I needed itRead more

Is Porn Cheating?

        While pornography can be addicting, pornography can have positive effects on a relationships because it can open communication about your partners’ wants, needs, and desires, it can spice up your sex life, and it can possibly stop your mate from physical infidelity. First, pornography can have positive effects on a relationshipRead more

I’m Not about That Life

      I have been reading urban romance novels and street fiction since I was about 12-14 years old. Some of the first books that got me hooked on this genre were:     Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree The Sisters of APF by Zane Black Coffee by Tracy Price-Thompson I would lock myselfRead more