Already Famous | Vlogging After Hours | With Stacie

Vlogging After Hours With Stacie Stiletto Jai: Late Nights and early mornings have become routine for us. We usually find ourselves up at 4-5am working on various projects while singing loud and off key. For some reason this particular night Stacie thought she was in a music video and was seriously “feeling herself” (lol). Stacie:Read more

Video: Letter To My Younger Self

Looking back at some of the foolish mistakes that we made in our younger years I am sure that we have all said “IF I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW…” ┬áThis is a video letter to my younger self giving me the advice, inspiration, and motivation that I didn’t receive when I needed itRead more

7 Must Have Apps

I am a phone junkie! You can always find me late at night searching YouTube for unboxing reviews (for phones). I will watch every phone review ever post and by the time I get my new phone I already know all the secrets. Gone are the days when I have to ask someone how toRead more