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Vlogging After Hours With Stacie Stiletto

Jai: Late Nights and early mornings have become routine for us. We usually find ourselves up at 4-5am working on various projects while singing loud and off key. For some reason this particular night Stacie thought she was in a music video and was seriously “feeling herself” (lol).

Stacie: #DontJudgeMe (giggles)!!! I know you guys do the same thing when you’re in the shower, driving to work and just being silly with your friends.

Check out my Vlogging After Hours video below




Upload your own “music video” and tag me/us in it so we can watch you!!!

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You are seeing first hand what “YouTubers” go through when they first decide to become “YouTubers”. Watch us in our awkward “going through puberty” phase as we learn how to navigate our way from being extra ORDINARY to ALREADY FAMOUS.

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