1. Where did you come up with the name “STACIE STILETTO”?

When I was in my late teens & early twenties I would go out and random guys would ask me for my name and phone number. I would tell them that my name was “STACIE”. Pairing “Stacie” with “Stiletto” just sounds sexy… say it with me STACIE STILETTO… see how it just rolls right off your tongue. (.flips hair && bats lashes.)

2. Where can I find you on social media?

You can find STACIE STILETTO on Facebook, Twitter, IG, YouTube and Google+  under the same name. I would love to interact with you. Be sure to Like, Follow, and Subscribe!

3. What made you decide to start blogging?

Those of you who know me in the real world, know that I use to host my own mini show on Facebook. For one hour I would consume your newsfeed with my thoughts, feelings and opinions on things that were going on in my life, topics you wanted to discuss, and things happening in our communities. I received a lot of positive feedback so I kept doing it. After the first few months my “show” took on a life/personality of its own. I could no longer contain it just to Facebook. I needed room to grow. In order for me to allow my “show” to grow into what it wants/needs to be… I need to put my “show” in its own home.

(reminds me of when my mother use to tell me “IF YOU WANT TO BE GROWN… BE GROWN IN YOUR OWN HOUSE”)

I don’t want to be limited to strictly blogging. My personality is too big to be limited to words on the screen. I also plan to post podcasts and videos on my site as well.

4. Do you have a co-host or plan to get someone to run the blog with you?

At this exact moment, I do not have a co-host. It’s just me, myself, && I. If you want to be a part of the “STACIE STILETTO MOVEMENT” (.winks.) please feel free to contact me.

5. Why sex, lies, and relationships?

Why not sex, lies, and relationships? Random people inbox me on social media all the time asking my advice on different life situations. Mainly, sex, lies and relationships. Instead of answering the same question(s) 142 times, I decided to answer all the questions in one spot.


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